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We are an ecosystem for music creators.

About Pickasound

Pickasound is a collaborative platform that allows amateur musicians, producers and non-musicians to sample and remix unique, cross genre music online.

Collaborate: We enable artists to collaborate more efficiently by contributing music samples to each other’s projects. Users can simply upload pieces of a song, then have others build unto it by uploading, recording or 'dragging and dropping' sounds below the project 'source track’. Users can then save different versions of the project within the same music player for others to hear.

Sample & Remix: Users can sample ideas from our sample library filled with hundreds of diverse tracks, or upload/record original sounds from their computers. Pickasound’s automatic beat matching technology allows for experimentation with sounds of different speeds and pitches and the creation of cross-genre ideas.

Copyright: To simplify the complexities of copyright management, all uploaded tracks are automatically labeled with a “creative commons non-commercial” license, which the owner can change according to preference. In addition; our massive sample library is filled with creative commons music that gives anyone the flexibility to remix, download and even profit from as long as they agree to our very fair and simple licensing terms.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem for creators to flourish through crowdsourcing diverse music content, and building songs with an interactive audience of fans and musical peers. We believe that this is the future of the digital music industry, and we are very excited to take you there!

Pickasound Team

Toju Ometoruwa

Founder and Creative Genius

Toju is a music producer who has spent the past 5 years crafting and promoting his unique alternative sounds through various music social networks. Along the way, he discovered that producing music in isolation limited his ability to reach his full creative potential, but found no convenient ways to share, remix and crowdsource musical ideas with other creators’ online. This problem forced him to create Pickasound, and his foresight into the needs of amateur musicians has enabled him to build the foundation for this revolutionary online platform.


Christopher Konopka


Adam Koehler

Cofounder and Promotional Wizard

Adam’s witty use of social media has captured the minds of thousands of followers from around the globe. An electronic music producer, songwriter, and experienced pianist, Adam has also worked in music publishing, promotion, A&R and booking.


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